Thursday, September 1, 2011

The sky is falling...or is it?

It appears that Hurricanes are all the rage in the national news. Not really the ‘canes themselves, but the ratings driven hysteria gamesmanship that dominates the coverage. The goal is to ramp up the drama until people are wound so tight that you could mistake them for a pretzel.
Facts trump opinion! Yes, the weather man has more expertise than you, but you have the ability to observe the information and reach some conclusions that more directly affect you. When our local weatherman covers a storm of this size he is speaking to an audience that includes everyone from Key West to about Orlando. What is a concern for one of those locations may not even raise an eyebrow in the other.

Look at the following weather sites. My personal favorite is Weather Undergrounds tropical page It has the best maps and also provides easy to understand graphics showing path, wind and the models they us to predict direction. No hype, just easy to read pictures with the latest information.
The other two are the National Hurricane Center and the Weather Channel They both have good information, the Hurricane Center is the “Horses Mouth” for storms, but the site seems geared more for weather nerds and what can you say about the Weather Channel other than it has to be all things to all people for weather.

When you have a chance, take a look at these sites. Find the one that you like and works for your likely situations and learn how to read & use it to your advantage.
The next time a weather event threatens your area be forewarned and forearmed with these easy to use sites.

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