Thursday, September 15, 2011

Failure to plan is planning to fail

Something I had been thinking about since I heard the Michale Bane podcast which, in part, discussed looting in the area surrounding the WTC. How could it have started right after they fell? When he and a friend returned to a loft apartment several days after the event, the entire building had been looted.

That started me thinking that street gangs and organized crime groups were best suited for life after a disaster (SHTF, WROL) where social order breaks down. They already have a structure and defined positions of authority and responsibility. They work together to acquire what the "group" needs and they are already predisposed to rationalizing that "its not wrong, if that's what it takes to get by".

Today's podcast from Bob Mayne was a real eye opener. The article referenced is worth the read.

Some people are making plans to take advantage of your misfortune; the tome to address that issue is before its too late.

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