Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Irene; the visitor no one wants!

We feel like we may have dodged a bullet with Irene, but the preparations continue, just in case it heads our way.

That being said, we really feel bad for those in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. We are fairly prepared for these types of storms and have state and local services to assist with the chaos in the aftermath. Since our area has done this before, there is little wasted effort and “things” return to normal fairly quickly.

For them, no such luck. There are generations that have grown up in those areas that have never seen any type of storm like this. Our systems and structures have evolved due to past storms. Building codes, Generator ready businesses, staging of supplies and a relatively prepared population minimize the scope and severity of these events.

Like the legend of Katrina; some towns in Louisiana and Mississippi have never recovered. I fear the same may be true with this storm.

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