Monday, August 22, 2011

And so it begins again...again!

Spent the better part of yesterday staging for TS Irene. It is a routine that I am quite familiar with, since it is done the same way, every year, when the first storm threatens.

We have been building and honing our hurricane preparedness plan for thirty years. You can view some of those preparations in previous posts, but I’ll try to give you a glimpse of the initial steps in readying for a storm.

My wife says that she prefers a hurricane to tornadoes since you generally get days to prepare for the ‘cane and tornadoes come out of nowhere, with no warning. Yes, I know that hurricanes spawn tornadoes, but if you have hardened the house and have taken appropriate shelter, the chances of surviving are greatly improved.

Early this morning, the numerous little tasks began. First we cranked up the ice makers and brought in the coolers. Next all the rechargeable devices and batteries began their charging cycles. The removable Hurricane tracks were re-installed. They are tracks that can be removes and replaced when a storm requires; not the shutters themselves. Unused yard items: extension cords, lawn art, house decorations and flags are all stored in the garage. Radios, weather and marine were checked and batteries installed.

All of this is not very difficult to do, but it certainly gets you in the mindset for what may come in the next few days.

Today will be the start of out photo documentation for insurance purposes. Also, all the laundry will be done. Clean clothes are a necessity if the power and/or water are out for any length of time. After Wilma, we were without power for ten days, but had clean, fresh, dry clothes to put on every morning; Ahhh.

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