Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where to Begin?

The hardest part of PLANNING is: where to begin?

Since any starting point forces us to address and examine those things which will make us uncomfortable. Many times our minds wander and it quickly spirals out of control, inundating and overwhelming the senses. Once that happens, it is very easy to slump down in the chair, turn on the TV and ignore the problem; hoping it will go away. Unfortunately, as bad as it may seem in our “mind” it will be infinitely worse if no preparations have been made.

That all sounded very intimidating. It’s not. What we tend to do is get bogged down in the process. The starting point for any and all successful Planning is to clearly and concisely identify the GOAL. Think of it like a trip. Once you know the place(s) you are going it is relatively easy to map out a path to take you there.
The GOAL is your destination, not the how you get there. If you keep focusing where you need to be going, the next step will just make sense.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Failure to plan is planning to fail.
Now is the time to think about getting ready. For what? You will have to be the best judge of that. There is always something that needs your attention, planning ahead can make “IT” easier.  Have a plan & stick to it. Build in a fudge factor, because things never go as smoothly as we envision them.
Over the next several months, I will be posting topics and suggestions on how to tackle the seemingly insurmountable task of getting “IT” all in order, so you can take “IT” on the road if necessary.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. What’s that mean?

Metaphorically, “Standing” is the method by which one establishes the boundaries of their life, actions, morals, soul, etc. It is a foundation from which we operate and interact with others. Without this base, we can be swayed by opinions, circumstances, lies, and deceptions. Know yourself and what’s right is right.

Falling is much easier when beliefs and issues are relegated to a value based in situational relativity. Weak wills, morals, and minds can easily be led astray. Gullibility and greed are the eventual undoing of those who walk that path.