Thursday, September 15, 2011

Failure to plan is planning to fail

Something I had been thinking about since I heard the Michale Bane podcast which, in part, discussed looting in the area surrounding the WTC. How could it have started right after they fell? When he and a friend returned to a loft apartment several days after the event, the entire building had been looted.

That started me thinking that street gangs and organized crime groups were best suited for life after a disaster (SHTF, WROL) where social order breaks down. They already have a structure and defined positions of authority and responsibility. They work together to acquire what the "group" needs and they are already predisposed to rationalizing that "its not wrong, if that's what it takes to get by".

Today's podcast from Bob Mayne was a real eye opener. The article referenced is worth the read.

Some people are making plans to take advantage of your misfortune; the tome to address that issue is before its too late.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons learned

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 just passed this weekend. It went fairly smooth in spite of the dire predictions. What did you do to prepare in the event that something bad happened?

 The fact that nothing happened is provides a great opportunity to review your preparations. Some of the things we did as a family were: fill all the cars with gas, have a week’s worth of food and bottled water in the house, checked and inspected B-O-B’s, backed up all computers, and staged the hurricane supplies around the house.
If you can’t rattle off a list of several things you did to anticipate the possibility of some type of disruption, then you missed the lessons of that horrible day.

For those who had chosen to be the protectors of life and liberty were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the events. In spite of all their preparations, skills and tools the rolling tide of disaster consumed them. Had they not been as well trained, the scope of the tragedy could, and would have been much worse.
If you knew that today was the day that it all went south, would you prepare?  You are the First Responder in any emergency involving you. The likelihood of assistance being immediately available when misfortune strikes you is infinitesimally small and should not be relied on to be the primary method of survival.

Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting to have an accident, but they happen every day. Today could be when it happens to you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today in American History

1953: Senator John F. Kennedy, 36, marries Jacqueline Bouvier, 24

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Possibly the saddest story of the day

If you can't imagine a time when we return to a Pre-9/11 relationship with the government, then the battle is already lost.

Regardless of the reason: freedoms relinquished can never be regained.

Today; my heart is heavy, for too many reasons

Today in American History

1961: The most wonderful woman on the planet is born.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today in American History

1963 :President John F. Kennedy federalizes Alabama's National Guard to prevent Governor George C. Wallace from using guardsmen to stop public-school desegregation.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today in American History

1776: The term "United States" is adopted by the Continental Congress to be used instead of the "United Colonies."